Integration Solutions

Constituo provides integration solutions for the most commonly used systems in Higher Education, as well as some of the more esoteric and even homegrown systems. Constituo Integration Suite, our powerful iPaaS enables us and our customers to rapidly build and deploy solutions for virtually any system integration.
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Data Transformation Solutions

Constituo provides data transformation solutions that help colleges & universities eliminate data intensive, highly redundant and error-prone data preparation processes. These solutions which use our Map product are all non-programmatic and do not require any software to install! From manipulating EDI data sources to standardizing flat data files for downstream import, Constituo’s data transformation solutions get the job done.

Map, transform, and translate incoming data

No programming required

No software installation required

Data Transformation Solutions

Smart Form Solutions

Constituo’s smart form solutions, which use our Gather product, provide colleges & universities with elegant and responsive forms (e.g., benefit open enrollment form, course catalog search, admissions applications, etc).

Connect directly to the target application for user authentication

Pre-populate data objects like drop down menus and specific fields

Automatically populate the target system

Smart Form Solutions