Constituo Map

Constituo Map

Constituo Map

Constituo Map is a non-programmatic data preparation tool as-a-service

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Constituo Integration Suite

Constituo Integration Suite

Constituo Integration Suite

Constituo Integration Suite is a hybrid cloud integration platform as-a-service (iPaaS)

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Constituo Gather

Constituo Gather

Constituo Gather

Constituo Gather is an electronic forms software as-a-service

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Constituo Platform

Constituo Software offers cloud based integration and smart forms products for the higher education customer. These products utilize the modern, robust, and industry-leading technology infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), as well as other leading service providers.

The Constituo Platform was born in the cloud


Cloud security is the highest priority at Constituo. We augment the benefits of AWS security with Sophos Unified Threat Management to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.


Constituo utilizes AWS state-of-the-art, highly-available data centers across availability zones to offer 99.9% uptime measured monthly.


Constituo utilizes AWS RDS Multi-AZ for data storage across availability zones. Each zone runs on its own physically distinct, independent infrastructure,
and is engineered to be highly reliable.

Reduced IT Impact

Maintaining a system is time consuming. Vulnerability scans, OS patches, DB patches, upgrades, etc. We do it all.


Built for Higher Education

Constituo Software has decades of integration experience in education and understands education’s systems, processes and pain points.

Connect to any system

Connect to any system via web services (RESTful, SOAP), file sources (SFTP, FTPS, Satellite, etc.), databases (Oracle, SQLServer, UniData, Informix, etc.), and more.

Scheduling and Automation

Automate your process by utilizing scheduled tasks or exposing your process as an API for remote access.

Constituo Manage

Manage users with granular role based permissions at the component level.

Constituo Satellite

Expose local resources such as databases or network drives as secure web services.

Licensing Simplicity

Product licenses include all product functionality (i.e., no need to price out complicated options or add-ons).

Pricing Flexibility

License all integrations across the enterprise for a predictable deployment or just individual integration point-to-point solutions.

Priced for Higher Education

Reasonable pricing is not a reflection of our platform’s capabilities but rather is an intentional result of our higher education focus.

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